Class day: monday-friday
Class time: 9:00-14:00 (Riga); 9:30-15:30 (Jurmala)
Course beginning: in Riga 1.06, 8.06, 15.06; in Jurmala 6.07, 13.07, 20.07.2020
Duration: 5 working days

Price: 164 € (Riga); 250 € (Jurmala)
It is possible to pay for one day: 35 € / day (Riga); 50 € / day (Jurmala).

About program

The lady school organizes a summer camp in Riga and Jurmala and invites girls aged 6-10 who are interested in playing fairy tales about princesses.
Program "Summer Princess" is designed so that girls can play good manners in a playful manner. Our day begins with rhythmic and active outdoor games. In the course of the day, except for the games, the girls learn to dance, decorate their costume for the final performance, learn to braid the braids to each other, and during lunch in the restaurant they practice the use of cutlery and the right behavior at the table.
A day camp for little princesses will work during the month of June in Riga, Metromodels school, but in July - at the SemaraH Hotel Lielupe. One shift lasts one working week. Every week we choose a new fairy tale, we design new costumes and learn a new dance. Therefore, children who choose to visit our day camp for a few shifts, will only improve their knowledge in good manners!
Three teachers will work with the group: rhythmic teacher, etiquette teacher and teacher of primary school, who leads all the creative games and lessons. Classes are held in Russian. All teachers are fluent in Russian, Latvian and English. For two or more children from one family there is a discount.

Program subjects

  • rhythmic and dance classes
  • good manner class
  • practical etiquette lessons in restaurant
  • hairstyle class
  • creative lessons and games

Our teachers

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