Class day: Fridays
Class time: 16:15-18:30
Course beginning: september
Duration: 8 month
Price: 120 € per month

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About program

During the studies girls are learning to behave properly in different kind of places and situations; getting acquainted with dining etiquette and manners, hosting and visiting friends and many other things. This program teaches how to care about the hair, weave braids and do the hair styling; girls are learning nutrition rules and skin care basics, starting to care about the body, hands and wardrobe. Psychology lessons are aimed to the self-esteem. Rhythmic lessons help to move gracefully and keep a smooth rhythm as well as keep a right posture. Girls are also learning to walk, sit and dress according to the situation.

Program subjects

  • every day etiquette
  • good manners and defile
  • dress code
  • hygiene
  • psychology
  • hair styling
  • dance and horeohraphy
  • safety in society

Our teachers

Etiķete un defilē.

From 2007 to 2012 Vita Kučerenko was working as a model in United Kingdom, Italy, France and Singapore. She was taking a part in different kind of fashion shows and commercial shootings, as well as exploring peoples' cultures. Vita is a public relations specialist. Since 2014 - teacher in school METROMODELS. Main hobbies are sport, participating in running marathons, healthy lifestyle and traveling.

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